Pennsylvania Plinth Co.
Recommended Profile Applications
The Pennsylvania Plinth Company specializes in custom rosettes to fit your remodeling or new construction needs. Choose from our collection of standard profiles, or let us duplicate your existing block for accurate restoration. We offer rosettes in 8 species of wood: birch, poplar, white pine, red oak, maple, cherry, walnut and chestnut. Each standard profile is available in three sizes

Block Size.........................Profile Size
2 34" x 2 34" - 3 38" x 3 38".........2 14"
3 12" x 3 12" - 4 38" x 4 38".........2 34"
4 12" x 4 12" - 6 12" x 6 12".........3 34"

Valley Forge

Custom Profiles
Sizes and Thickness
Reproduction of the rosettes in your home is our specialty. For duplication, send us the block, or a full scale accurate drawing of the profile. When specifying thickness of rosettes, allow for edge profile. Add thickness of casing, size of moulded edge, and 116" reveal.
There is an additional knife grinding charge for custom profile orders. Other sizes and species of rosettes are avialable upon request. When specifying size of rosettes, allow for casing plus 14" reveal on each side.

Molded Edge
To further customize your rosette, choose one of our moulded edges. Size indicates depth of cut.
Thickness example                  Size example

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